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 Reducing E&O Risk – Keeping up with Industry Developments

Reducing E&O Risk – Keeping up with Industry Developments

The insurance industry is constantly changing. Companies enter and exit markets, rates and forms change on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The reason for this constant change is that the world changes each day which results in a change in the risk that people face each day. Insurance is a way for people to share that risk with someone else. As an insurance agent it is important to keep up with the changes that your markets make. New forms require you to understand what they mean and be in a position to explain them to your customers. This will reduce the possibility of an E&O claim! In addition to keeping up with your agency’s markets, it is also important to keep up with overall changes in the industry and what other agents and companies are doing.

An excellent way to do this is by reading the insurance trade press. We are subscribers to American Agent & Broker and you can be too. Below is a free offer to become a subscriber. Not only will it provide valuable information about the insurance industry, it’s FREE! That’s right it’s FREE. So what is there to lose? Sign up today and keep up with important industry issues for insurance agents.

Let our 80 years of experience keep you ahead of your game. You require intelligent, focused content to excel at your job – and we look forward to bringing you and your colleagues just that for years to come! Subscribe for FREE to the publication that’s dedicated to helping you grow and operate your business efficiently and profitably.

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